VIRGO Sun Sign - Imbolic, New Moon, Year of the Pig - February 5th, 2019


Princess of Cups

Theme: Dreamer vs. Aloof

This card invites you to recognize and appreciate your dreams along with the realization of the fact that it is possible for you to make them come true!

Your dreams may seem far from reality, especially to the people that have given up on their own dreams - so do not let their doubts interfere with your potential. This card depicts a gentle, loving being who is responsible for the crystallization of water and formation of ice and snowflakes. This process takes ideas driven by emotion (love, for example) and solidifies them (desire for love manifesting into a relationship, for example). You are capable of making your dreams come true, and your affinity for dreaming, as well as your vast imagination are all wonderful, POWERFUL tools for creating the life you’ve always wanted for yourself!

Watch out for “Negative Nancys” and anyone who feels threatened by your dreams. Many people live in fear, and the only way for them to continue to do so is to impose their fears on others. Be very selective about the people that you share your innermost visions with, and make sure you only do so with the people that genuinely love and support you. Do not try to prove yourself to those that do not believe in dreams - they certainly won’t be able to help you reach yours!

What can this apply to? Your actual, “real” life! If you’ve experienced people telling you that you “dream too much” when you were little, forgive them and let that go! Dreams have A LOT to do with the reality, because we are all creators of our own worlds!!! What you believe in becomes your truth - and what you desire and imagine will be drawn and attracted to you in your life. Call it Law of Attraction, the Power of Faith, or anything you wish to call it.

What’s the key? BELIEVING, GRATITUDE, and ACTION. You must believe in your dreams and your own ability to manifest your dreams, which means first of all letting go of all the negative opinions about your dreams that you may have heard in the past. Then, you must be grateful for your dreams coming true - BEFORE they come true! Use your imagination and feel, touch, smell, hear, and taste what it would be like to actually have your dreams manifest! The more real the experience feels, them more genuinely you will be able to experience gratitude, and the easier it will be for your dreams to become your waking reality. Finally, you must start taking small steps toward your dreams - like journaling, creating a vision board, or writing detailed gratitude letter addressed to yourself “from the future” (as if all that you dreamt of has already come true).

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