LIBRA Sun Sign - Imbolic, New Moon, Year of the Pig - February 5th, 2019


Ace of Disks

Theme: Formation vs. Deformation

This card is an invitation to recognize the limitless power of manifesting anything you desire that is readily available within you.

The time has come to look at the seeds you have planted in the past and acknowledge the manifestation of many, MANY things, relationships and projects that once started out as an idea or a thought. You truly are the master of manifesting, and once you recognize your tremendous power, you will be able to wield it more consciously!

If there is something that you are thinking of or would like to manifest, and you find yourself full of doubt - just remember how much you have manifested throughout your life already! Look at the results of your labor and take pride in your accomplishments! That, in turn, will make you feel more confident in the face of new challenges.

What can this apply to? Any undertakings, projects, ideas, business plans, community organizations, interests, investments, or anything that can be manifested, even a garden. This card speaks of the potential, and the potential is proven & backed by the past experience. However, nothing is manifest yet, for it is YOUR role to manifest and bring your ideas to life!

What’s the key? PATIENCE. Remember, it takes time for things to grow. You must follow the process of planting the seeds, nurturing the sprouts and simply letting things grow on their own under your care. Life takes time to take form, and sometimes what grows out of the seeds you planted is different from what you expected it to be. That’s just life, though! Accept the risk, apply patience, and commit to ALLOWING things to naturally develop. Once you do what is required, do not try to go overboard, and surrender all worry and expectations. Trust the process!

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