LEO Sun Sign - Imbolic, New Moon, Year of the Pig - February 5th, 201


Prince of Disks

Theme: Pragmatic vs. Obstinate

This card shows a process of learning and beginning to understand life on a deeper level than ever before.

You are stepping up to new responsibilities and are starting to take ownership of your actions in the past. This speaks of a certain new level of maturity that is necessary to progress in your life. At this time you are approaching new opportunities with calm, level-headed, logical approach. You are sizing up everything new that is trying to come into your life to see if it will be a good fit. You are attempting to analyze things rationally and avoid uncertainty as much as possible.

The figure in the card is a Prince (which does not mean a “man”, necessarily, just an archetype) - not yet a King, for Kings must be willing to take risks. Though educated, risks may sometimes bring undesired results, but they may also bring results that positively exceed all expectations. This card is here to help you understand that your new rational approach will help you grow and mature, but that the next step will involve welcoming a level of uncertainty and risk. After all, there comes a time when the young Prince must take on the new role of being a King, sit on a grown-up throne and accept the responsibility of having to make decisions that may not always bring guaranteed results you were hoping for.

What can this apply to? Primarily, the aspects of your life in which you hold a leadership role. That may be your work, your household, or even your social circles. Within these aspects of your life, you are entrusted with a level of responsibility that may at times make you fee uncomfortable, for you do not want to let others down. Do not be too hard on yourself! Others trust you for a reason. They are not willing or able to handle the pressure that this leadership role entails, and they have selected YOU because you are worthy of their trust. You will make mistakes, everyone does - but if you act from your heart, stay truthful and transparent, you will have the support of your tribe even when things occasionally “go south”. You are in this together!

What’s the key? TRANSPARENCY. As a leader, you must be transparent. You must share with others what it going on, and you must own your decisions even when mistakes inadvertently take place. That will help you retain their support and have sufficient faith in yourself as a leader to take risks when needed.

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