CANCER Sun Sign - Imbolic, New Moon, Year of the Pig - February 5th, 2019


Seven of Swords

Theme: Strife vs. Crisis

This card speaks of the confrontation - standing alone against others opposing you.

The confrontation you are experiencing is of your own making. At this time, you are finding courage to express your unique perspective despite the opposition. The opposition comes from the circles of people you have previously surrounded yourself with. You have kept your opinions secret and have chosen to “edit” yourself in the past to please others. Now that you are starting to speak your truth, others are no longer pleased, and THAT’S OK!!!

This card invites you to appreciate your courage and strength. Isn’t it thrilling to finally be your true self? Upsetting others may have seemed scary before, but now you can see that those fears were only the “training wheels” that were there for you to fall back on until you could handle stepping into your POWER full force! The character in the card is standing on the edge of the cliff, far outnumbered by her opponents - but look how much bigger her weapon is in comparison to others! You KNOW who you are, and you can no longer run from yourself. So SHOW THEM! The Universe supports you in your effort to speak your truth and share your many gifts and talents with the world, so know that you are NOT ALONE in this even if it may feel like it at this time.

What can this apply to? All social aspects of your life - work, school, friends, family, and even online social networks. You are being challenged to step into your POWER and to genuinely express yourself despite the opposition or dissatisfaction of other people who are used to having you in a “box” that they can easily understand and process. You are not here to spend your life trying to please other people (they can please themselves if they want to!) - you are here to live your UNIQUE experience while audaciously expressing your true, beautiful, multifaceted personality with all the thoughts, opinions, talents, interests and aspirations that are genuine and true to YOU!

What’s the key? COURAGE! You deserve to be yourself! No one has the right to dim your light or take your power away from you unless you give them that right - and if you have done so in the past, it is time to take back the ownership of your life’s experience! Be courageous in expressing who you really are and know that the higher powers (God, Universal Intelligence and the Life itself) are all on YOUR SIDE! You may not feel supported by the people that have grown used to your attempts to please them, but that is THEIR problem, not yours! Stand confident in your truth and let those that cannot appreciate you for who you are vibrate out of your experience. You don’t need them in your life, and they’ll be doing you a favor by making room for people who will love and appreciate you for the wonderful, unique, beautiful person that you really are!!!

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