TAURUS Sun Sign - Imbolic, New Moon, Year of the Pig - February 5th, 2019



Theme: Transition vs. Resistance

This card is not a threat, nor an omen - it is an invitation to finally let go what has already died.

Death is a crucially important part of life; in fact, life and death are inseparable. While many have deep-rooted fears associated with dying, this card does not speak about the end of your life cycle - it invites you to surrender what is no longer alive to let NEW LIFE come into your experience.

The subject of this card will hardly be a mystery to you; in fact, at this point you are probably painfully aware of the deadweight you have been holding on to. You may find yourself facing denial - though something has ended, you refuse to let it go because you fear that without it, YOU will also not exist in the way that you have come to see yourself. And - bear with me - to a certain extent it is true! Letting go of that which has outlived itself will be the end of the old ways that you have become so used to… But that is NOT the end of YOU!!! You are SO MUCH MORE than the personality you have developed around a relationship or a life situation in question! And in order to grow, explore new sides of yourself, and step into the new chapter of your life, YOU MUST LET GO! Do not fear this, and do not resist it. All it takes is a decision - and the time has come to make it. It may be painful to make that decision, but only for a moment; and the pain of it will be NOTHING in comparison to the pain of holding on and resistance that you’ve been experiencing for a while now!

What can this apply to? A relationship, a job, a life situation (like living in a certain place, or being part of a certain group of people), keeping yourself tied to something (like a commitment that brings you no joy), limitations (such as “I can’t” or “I’m not good enough”), dependency (habits, addictions, or people), or any number of circumstances that you have been feeling “imprisoned” by.

What is the key? TRUST! You have to trust the higher powers (God, Universal Intelligence, Life itself) to take care of arranging everything favorably on your behalf. It may seem very scary to give up something that has been “part of you” for so long - and the only way to do it is by trusting that you will be transformed into the new you once you surrender the deadweight. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Your life is incredibly significant, and you are ALWAYS supported by the Life that flows through you! Only by clinging on to something that is dead can you prevent the Life from flowing freely through you… So have no fear - and let go!

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