ARIES Sun Sign - Imbolic, New Moon, Year of the Pig - February 5th, 2019


The Moon

Theme: Introspection vs. Hysteria

This card displays the beginning of a somewhat difficult journey - the descent into the subconscious mind.

What that means is going deeper within yourself to face the truths you may have been avoiding. Something is trying to surface, something within you needs to be released; however, because of the previous efforts of ignoring this stuck energy, it has now become buried deep beneath the layers of avoidance, and has grown to become a “monster” because of the accumulated fear of dealing with this uncomfortable truth.

The journey you are about to make is not as scary as it seems - it is only your reluctance to deal with the situation that is causing you distress. The time has come to take the necessary steps to make the journey through the darkness and face your fear head-on. There is light on the other side, waiting for you - a life WITHOUT the fear of facing the truth.

What can this apply to? Certainly, the card can relate to toxic relationships that have outlived themselves, bad habits, addictions, past trauma that you have not resolved within yourself, old programming (like holding onto someone bullying you when you were younger), or outdated beliefs that no longer serve you. Any one of these elements (or a combination of several of them) can be lingering deep beneath the surface of the personality that you present to the outer world, working in the shadows to sabotage your growth. You may even wonder why some things seem to always go wrong, why you’re not getting ahead despite all your hard work - and that is the reason.

What’s the key? FORGIVENESS. You must forgive those that you blame for the events of the past, or those that are causing you pain now. To do that, you must forgive yourself for allowing others to hurt you, allowing toxic relationships to go on for too long, allowing stuck trauma and pain to be part of your life for so long. Only through forgiving yourself will you be able to forgive others - and only through forgiveness can you begin to heal. This is not an easy journey, but one that is necessary. Some strong emotions may surface at this time, and if you have not given yourself a chance to experience them in the past, you must do so now, for it is a necessary part of the healing process. Be brave, be courageous, and do not forget to give yourself the necessary space and time to process and heal. Be gentle on yourself. Offer yourself Unconditional Love.

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