SAGITTARIUS Sun Sign - Imbolic, New Moon, Year of the Pig - February 5th, 2019


Nine of Swords

Theme: Cruelty vs. Guilt

This card invites you to surrender the self-inflicted pain that you have grown used to.

There is a lot of pain in life, and there are many events that seem unfair - yet they take place all the time, in all corners of the world. Poverty, abuse, starvation and oppression can be found globally, and there is no shortage of people who are barely surviving. But none of that is YOUR creation. You create your own reality - and if you let cruelty and suffering be part of your reality, you are inviting it into your life.

You are a very sensitive being, acutely aware of the pain and struggles of other people. You may be an Empath - a person that can feel and experience the emotions of others as if they were your own. While you are very aware of all the injustice and cruelty that exist in the world, you must realize that you are NOT the cause of it! You are NOT responsible for the suffering and pain that you DID NOT CAUSE!!!

What can this apply to? This applies to you! Because of your receptiveness, you have taken on the nightmares that exist on this planet, and now they torment you from within. You may be catching yourself thinking about horrible things, and watching the news or reading about the terrors of life can make it much, MUCH worse. You may become depressed and distraught for seemingly no reason, but it is because of the devastation that you have let into yourself, and that has now become part of your understanding of life.

What’s the key? BOUNDARIES!!! You definitely need to set some solid boundaries - you need to protect your world! Stop watching television, stop reading about all the horrible tragedies online. You won’t be able to help this planet by constantly thinking about all the things that are going wrong! In fact, the only way you can help anyone is by being balanced, by protecting your inner harmony! It is time to unsubscribe from the relationships in which the other person unloads all their negativity on you. Make your inner peace a priority! You can’t function from a place of constant distress! Find time to be by yourself, listen to some relaxing music, find a way to express yourself in a creative way, read poetry, look at beautiful art, and spend time with positive, uplifting people! You deserve balance, and in order to have it, you must let go of everything that is causing your inner torment to persevere.

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