Rosé Me To The End Of Love

Poetry and Wine go so well together. For me, drinking wine at Goat's in Five Points, Columbia, goes excellently with writing poetry, as well. My most recent poetic encounter happened over the "Rosé All Ways" Wine Flight, which included: Domaine La Colombe Rose, Barnard Griffin Rose, and Akakies Sparkling; 3 ounces each. All the above mentioned wines are available by glass at Goat's for further exploration. 

Domaine La Colombe Rose

Provence, France

70% Grenache, 30% Cinsault

Strawberry, watermelon, rose petals, minerality notes. Fresh. Crisp. Dry.


I cheated on you,

Before stealing your very First Kiss

Bestowed upon my thirsting lips;

I cheated on you, kissing another...


And when We finally kissed,

The magic of your lips

Reversed the spell:

The fragrant splendor of your taste, your smell


Possesses my imagination!

My darling, you must be

An alchemist's creation -

To tease so cruelly, to be such a temptation...


Divine taste and balanced form -

Oh, what more could I have longed for?

You are perfect! From you,

Only the desire for more can be born;


You captivate me, no seduction -

I am yours already, darling,

From our very introduction,

I am yours. So kiss me more...


Barnard Griffin Rose

Columbia Valley, Wash

100% Sangiovese

Strawberry, melon, cranberry, pomegranate, rhubarb. Dry notes.


Like the blood that boils in my veins,

You take the reins

Of me -



In your Divine notes of Love,

Your melody carries me beyond Above...


And in the Heaven,

You welcome me into your embrace,

You let me taste your passion,


And feeling you inside of me,

I let myself Imagine

That all is Perfect,


All that is Perfect.

Contained, yet chaotic;

I let you read my mind -


Blind, to my inhibition by you -

I long for a closer view.

I long to be intoxicated. Give me more!

Give me more of you...


Akakies Sparkling Rose

Amyndeon, Greece

80% Xinomarvo, 20% Cab Sauv

Strawberry, tart cherry, red raspberry. Dry, Bright Acidity Notes.


Oh, so graceful before your fall,

Innocence Seduced...


You induce me into the desire

To sacrifice my entire self

To the Fire

Of your forbidden Passion,


And the fruit of your seduction

Bears an omen of choice

Made against Misery -


Slithering, ancient, intriguing,

You teach me Passion,

Revealing what is hidden;

Consuming me,

Consuming my ego...


You pervert me to my very core -

You teach me Sin,

Along with Sanctity,

Along with Wisdom,

And the Ancient Lore - 

Oh teach me, Devil,

I am Ready to learn more. 

Katerina BarrieComment