Delaney's Has a New Owner

Michael Brown, the new owner of Delaney’s Pub on Saluda Avenue in Five Points used to frequent the establishment back when he was a student at the University of South Carolina. He remembers the atmosphere - meeting with friends after a long day, having a few beers, taking the edge off… He said he wants to keep Delaney’s a place where friends can meet to have a good time, a place that generations of students have come to know as their favorite Irish Pub in Columbia. But he also wants to make it better.

After graduating from the University of South Carolina, Michael worked in the family business, New Life Turf. For two and a half years, he handled day-to-day operations, receiving and fulfilling orders, scheduling, and equipment maintenance. When his father sold the company, Michael’s share was sold with it, and he decided it was time to do something else.

Before setting out to purchase Delaney’s Pub, Michael had a chance to travel through Europe. He visited the UK, France, and Netherlands. In London, Michael spent a lot of time at the local pubs. He recalls having a different experience than he was used to at home - everyone, he tells, piles into the pubs after work, and the whole weeknight evening routine revolves around going to all the different pubs and seeing all of your friends. The atmosphere there was much more vibrant, loud, exciting, friendly, and warm. Michael wants to bring the inspiration his London experiences gave him to Delaney’s in Five Points.

“When I saw that Delaney’s was for sale, I thought I could come in and bring it back to life. The goal is to make money, as every successful business does, and that means having a popular place. I want Delaney’s to be the bar I remember from school, but I also want to make it better. Livelier atmosphere, fresh look, and at the same time being able to retain that nostalgic feeling people love about Delaney’s. I think we can have it all.”